Elaina Garcia

Elaina Garcia is a passionate writer with a love for nature and natural medicines! She's been studying medicine in its many forms for over a decade.

With such an adoration for both writing and holistic healing it's no surprise that Mother Earth's Medicine Cabinet is one of her most popular and longest running series to this day.

Her informational and educational articles contain a wealth of insight on health and wellness. She provides guidance on how you can heal your mind, body, and soul without all of the complicated technical terminology. 

You can find her work on sites such as BasmatiInsteading, and Inspirer.Life.  

Mother Earth's Medicine Cabinet: Stimulate Digestion & Appetite With These 5 Herbs

A loss of appetite can really get you down in more ways than one! When you don’t eat you lose vitamins and minerals. The herbs I’m going to cover in this article are great for stimulating the appetite, as well as stimulating digestion. Today’s walk through Mother Earth’s Medicine Cabinet covers 5 different bitter herbs that stimulate your appetite and digestion. Bitters are…Well, they’re bitter! They aren’t exactly tasty but they do the trick, causing your appetite to kick in. Bitters naturally

Mother Earth's Medicine Cabinet: Naturally Overcoming Addiction

Addiction comes in many shapes and forms. It has no prejudices against or for any person. Chemicals and substances take a toll on our overall well-being. They can truly break a person down on so many different levels. Overcoming any form of addiction can be really difficult. It affects the mind, body, and soul, but addiction can be defeated! Today’s walk through Mother Earth’s Medicine Cabinet will take us down the aisle full of herbs and plants that will help someone trying to overcome addicti

6 Herbs to Help You Focus

Focus, mental clarity and concentration are essential to our lives and our health as well. Natural brain and memory boosters can be such a delight -- especially if you have trouble remembering things or staying focused. A couple of the herbs I’m going to share with you today are actually useful and effective alternatives for Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) without the drawbacks and side-effects of chemical filled medications. Adaptogens and herbs that improve circulation are amazi

5 Best Herbs For Pets

Animals can get the sniffles, sickness, and disease just like we humans can. Natural and holistic remedies do not only exist for humans! There are many natural and holistic remedies for the animals as well. Many of the same healing properties we derive from plants, trees, and herbs are also beneficial to our beloved pets. Today’s walk through Mother Earth’s Medicine Cabinet will allow us to explore several different herbs that can safely be used to help heal cats and dogs. Before we continue it

7 Roots With Healing Properties: Moringa & More!

Often times when we think of medicinal plants we see flowers, stalks, and stems, but the medicine goes much deeper with some. Today’s walk through Mother Earth’s Medicine Cabinet will take you deep into the ground to have a look at some plant roots that heal. There are all sorts of roots that hold the same healing properties as the leaf or stem but the difference is that the medicine is usually more concentrated. In some cases, the concentrated medicines are simply stronger than what you might

Mother Earth's Medicine Cabinet: More Tea Please!

Tea is, and has always been, far more than just something to quench the thirst and please the palate. For thousands of years, tea has been one of the go-to medicines for many ancient healers. Not only can different teas provide healing properties, they also provide preventative means for the body. For instance, green tea is packed full of antioxidants, which oxidize and help repair any damaged cells that could cause potential health issues. All “True Teas” are from a plant called Camellia sinen

How To Achieve Total Body Balance

Everything we consume has an effect on our body, whether it be mentally, physically or emotionally. There has been research done that proves stress is one of the causes of cancer and other illnesses. What we eat, how we eat and even when we eat has an impact on our whole being. Consumption goes much deeper than the types of food and drinks we put into our system. What we mentally and emotionally consume plays a much larger role on our overall health than we realize. Consider this: A person who

Mother Earth's Medicine Cabinet: Essential Oils & How To Use Them

Priests/Priestesses and physicians have been using essential oils for thousands of years. Essential oils and plant extracts have regained major popularity recently. I have watched for years as their popularity has ebbed and flowed. The thing is, essential oils can be used in so many ways and for so many reasons. Health, beauty, aromatherapy, cleaning, and cleansing are some of their uses. Essential oils also have mental, physical and spiritual benefits as well. The average shelf life for essenti